Puglia honeymoon by the pool by Elisabeth Van Lent Photography

Puglia honeymoon by the pool by Elisabeth Van Lent Photography


Puglia honeymoon by the pool


A relaxing dip in the sun, loving cuddles in the shade, meaningful glances, a refreshing sip of champagne and a tingling kiss at the poolside – here we watch Newleweds in love by the pool.

Remember the fascinating bride and groom Alexander and Catherine and their intimate finca wedding in Puglia? Wedding photographer Elisabeth Van Lent has accompanied the two even beyond their big day and today gives us a glimpse into the sugary sweet life of the two newlyweds.

The gleaming white Finca Masseria Parco Della Grava is not only a wonderful place to get married in an unforgettable way, but also to honeymoon just as unforgettable, as the two credibly prove.

Together you can enjoy the benefits of this beautiful area in southern Italy much better: the view over the Mediterranean olive trees to the rolling hills in the distance, the cloudless sky and the bright sun, the delicious scent of herbs and the unique sound of nature.

Forget the stress of the past months, celebrate the young happiness and make plans for the future together. Actually, it looks more as if Alexander and Catherine are exclusively in the here and now with their love and thoughts. And that’s how it’s supposed to be on a honeymoon, isn’t it?

Like us, let the adorable couple and wanderlust-inducing images by Elisabeth Van Lent and stunning styling by Art’Anna Weddings & Events get you in the love vacation mood!



PHOTOGRAPHY: Elisabeth Van Lent Photography
ORGANIZATION & STYLING: Art’Anna Weddings & Events
VENUE: Masseria Parco Della Grava
SWIM SUIT: Heidi Klein selected at Women’secret
HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Fabiola Hairsalon
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab
MODELS: Laura Derek & Maikol


Finca Wedding in Puglia by Elisabeth van Lent Photography

Finca Wedding in Puglia by Elisabeth van Lent Photography


Finca Wedding In Puglia


Welcome to paradise – or enjoy Alexander and Catherine´s elegant finca wedding in Apulia. Where on this day the sky seems brighter and the sea clearer than anywhere else in the world. Where the flowers of the local flora are even more magnificent and the art of simple architecture is even more impeccable.

It´s a long-cherished dream, which has finally come true for the young bride and groom, knows wedding photographer Elisabeth Van LentAlexander and Catherine’s dream was to get married in an intimate setting in Italy, in Puglia. This region of Italy is even more sunny than popular Tuscany, it also has the beautiful olive trees, but it stands out with the beautiful full white masserias, in contrast to the old, often darker Tuscan villas. It looks more fresh and Southern, which is the exact reason why the couple chose this region.“ 

And it was this unique charm that became the red, or rather the green, thread of this wedding, which moved through the entire location and became visible on lovingly arranged details such as the richly laid table for four. Atelier Rozemarijn’s stationery also adhered to the color palette dominated by green tones and blended seamlessly into the picture of pure perfection.

However, this culminated in the extravagant newlyweds themselves, as groom Alexander in a stylish green suit with soft pink boutonniere held his enchanting bride Catherine in his arms, who looked simply stunning in her seductive lace dress by Errico Maria . This sight will remain unforgotten even for the guests of the bride and groom…

In the beautiful Masseria Parco Della Grava, there were just enough rooms for their guests, everything was just perfect for their full, Italian party. And with the amazing organisation and styling of Art’Anna Weddings & Events, as well as the gorgeous floral design by Lots Flower Art, it was picture perfect.“photographer Elisabeth Van Lent raves.

For us, she has chosen the most impressive and beautiful shots of this wedding, to let us participate in this loving and romantic wedding.



Photography: Elisabeth Van Lent Photography
Organisation and Styling: Art’Anna Weddings & Events
Venue: Masseria Parco Della Grava
Floral Design: Lots Flower Art
Bridal Gown: Errico Maria 
Men’s attire: Tailored by C
Wedding Ring: Dimitri Nijs
Earrings: Atelier Rozemarijn
Stationery: Atelier Rozemarijn
Hair and Make-Up: Fabiola Hairsalon
Ring Box: The Mrs Box
Bridal Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes
Rentals: Il Sofà
Linens: Allegoria Textiles
Candles: Ester & Erik
Candlesticks and cutlery: Decoratieverhuu
Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab
Models: Laura Derek & Maikol


Bridal Muses Workshop with Elisabeth Van Lent Photography

Bridal Muses Workshop with Elisabeth Van Lent Photography

Bridal Muses


A lot of white and just a little color, clear lines and soft curves, simple elegance and playful romance form an elaborate framework for the beautiful muses.

For the first time the two fine art photographers from 2Brides and Peaches & Mint pooled their sense for timeless aesthetics and natural beauty, and invited to a high-end photo workshop.

With pale shades of pink, fresh green and graceful gold event designer and florist Fanny Staaf Events created an eldorado of bridal inspirations with a touch of scandi chic.

And that´s how the Daylight Studio in Stockholm became a light-flooded stage for two brides, who posed gracefully in front of the cameras of the workshop participants.

Photographer Elisabeth Van Lent was one of them and still raves about this experience: „The ladies put together so much beauty and I’m so happy I did that, so I want to share with the world!“

We are happy to present the fantastic images of Elisabeth Van Lent from a very special workshop.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Elisabeth Van Lent
WORKSHOP: Bridal Muses by 2Brides and Peaches & Mint
DESIGN & STYLING: Fanny Staaf Events
BRAND: By Malina
VENUE: Daylight Studio Stockholm
SHOES: Bella Belle Shoes
VIDEOGRAPHY: Miranda Films
JEWELRY: Malin Ivarsson
MUAH: My Johansson
WEDDING CAKE: Liv Sandberg Cake Art
RENTALS: Style by Sandy
HAIR ACCESSORIES: The Wild Rose Accessories
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab
MODELS: Gisela A. Pihlsjö + Fredrika Persson









   Bella Belle Shoes



Sensual Italian Boudoir Session by Elisabeth Van Lent Photography

Sensual Italian Boudoir Session by Elisabeth Van Lent Photography



Silence surrounds her as she opens her eyes to start into this special day. She´s all alone, indulging herself in the pleasant anticipation, the tingling excitement and the unique emotions that come with this day.

With her “I do” she´ll soon become part of an inseparable union but also stays true to herself. To find self-awareness once more time she relishes the time of loneliness.

Her soft peaches and cream complexion is part of her just like every of her curves. Sheer fabrics caressing her body let her feel she´s alive. Every heartbeat, every breath she takes brings her closer to this day´s aim…

Almost every woman sees something in the mirror that she doesn´t really like. Aesthetic boudoir shoots like this, from a workshop by Michael & Carina Photography, want to remove our doubts by showing impressively that every woman, especially every bride, can be impeccably beautiful and breathtakingly sexy.

At the  Villa Centofinestre the event designers of Honey & Cinnamon created a little wonder as they turned this ancient house into a mystical and fascinating location. Perfectly matching this beguiling atmosphere which the bride spreads among the entire house wearing beguiling lingerie by Girl With A Serious Dream and headpieces by Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart.

Photographer  Elisabeth Van Lent wants to share her overwhelming pictures with us…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Elisabeth Van Lent Photography
PHOTOGRAPHY + WORKSHOP HOSTING: Michael & Carina Photography 
DESIGN + PLANNING: Honey & Cinnamon
VENUE:  Villa Centofinestre 
LINGERIE + ROBES: : Girl With A Serious Dream
VEIL + HEADPIECES: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart
JEWELRY: Susie Saltzman
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Stella Mongodi of Organic Brides 
MODEL AGENCY: 4 Upper Models


Bridal Inspirations at the Netherlands Dunes by Elisabeth Van Lent Photography

Bridal Inspirations at the Netherlands Dunes by Elisabeth Van Lent Photography

Bridal Inspirations at the Dunes of the Netherlands


Warm wind blows across the bright dunes, letting them disappear to form new ones wherever it feels right. Not only sand becomes the wind´s playmate, it also makes ribbons, robes and hair its own.

Even heavy silk satin can´t stand the powerful gusts any longer which get caught in the bridal dress´s skirt. Just like the sand on which the bride strides her gown shows its glory and mutability in the wind.

When the bride slips into a sheer, snug little nothing made of lace its her long brown hair that starts dancing with the breeze. As well as the bright red ribbon on her bouquet which fragrantly bridges her final outfit…

„The Netherlands is known for the wind blowing all the time. This wind was one of the main factors during this inspirational shoot.“ creative director and photographer Elisabeth Van Lent told us.

A wildly appearing bridal bouquet with bright red highlights by Judith Slagter and stunning bridal dresses were all the artist needed to create one-of-a-kind bridal inspirations among the Netherland´s dunes.

„It was playing with the bride’s dresses, with a bride looking like a true Goddess in a desert of wind and sand. This bride was fierce and beautiful, and is an inspiration for other brides among the world and especially in the Netherlands.“ Elisabeth Van Lent Photography raves on as she takes us on a journey to the dunes of the Netherlands…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0001 brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0002brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0003brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0022

brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0005 brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0008 brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0009 brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0010 brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0010a brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0010b brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0011 brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0014 brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0014a brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0015 brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0017 brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0018 brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0019 brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0020 brautkleid-rottoene-duenen-brautfrisur-brautstrauss_0021


PHOTOGRAPHY + ORGANISATION: Elisabeth Van Lent Photography
RED DRESS: Ivy & Oak
HAIR + MAKE-UP: The Bridal Artist
MODEL: Loïs Weeber




Country wedding in Belgium

Country wedding in Belgium

Country wedding in Belgium


Nina and Hugo had actually envisioned a tent wedding, but when they discovered the Ferme de Baligue, they fell in love with the location and planned a country wedding from then on. They liked a classic style and chose white, pastel abricot and dusty blue as their wedding colors.

The two organized their wedding on their own, without a Wedding Planner. Instead, they had loving help from family and friends. The day before the wedding, the two already brought some things to the location and set up decorations together.

Styling was also on site at the stylish country location. Since tradition says that something borrowed brings good luck, Nina borrowed her mother’s pearl earrings. The bride looked magical in her breezy and elegant wedding dress by Rosa Clara. The groom, in a custom suit from Suitsupply, waited outside for his bride for the “First Look,” the moment when the groom sees the bride for the first time. Some couples enjoy this for two before the wedding ceremony. Nina and Hugo shared this special highlight with their closest circle of family and friends, who stood around and rejoiced.

Traditionally, the couple started the laic wedding ceremony: the groom came in with his mother and the bride with her father. The bridesmaids and groomsmen played the song “Can’t help falling in love” for the occasion. In front of the wedding arch, there was a touching ceremony with speeches from both mothers and a mutual personal vow. To celebrate the two, guests sprinkled lavender and flowers over the happy couple walking out. Originally, the ceremony was to be held outside, but since the weather didn’t permit it, the ceremony was set up inside. In retrospect, everyone felt this space was especially beautiful and very intimate.

In the afternoon the weather brightened up and the couple was accompanied by photographer Elisabeth Van Lent and beautiful couple photos were taken. In the meantime, the room could be transformed so that guests could sit at long tables for dinner with the pretty wedding arch by florist Céline of Essence of Shade in the background. This was made of wood draped with dusty blue fabric and adorned with white and pastel flowers and green leaves, which also made a lush appearance on the long table. The couple enjoyed a wonderful evening with their guests well into the night.

As a conclusion for the planning, Nina and Hugo give the following advice: “I would say don’t stress too much, even if it is easier said than done… not everything will be perfect, but the most important thing is to be with the right person for the rest of your life. And try to sleep, we couldn’t!”

Photography: Elisabeth Van Lent

Location: Ferme de Balingue

Wedding Dress: Rosa Clara from JPC Collection

Groom Suit: Suitsupply

Catering: Great Traiteur

Florist: Céline from Essence of Shade

Stationery: Design by the bride, printed from Handley

Make-Up & Hair: Vivyane Dewals

Mallorca’s Golden Dream by Vivid Symphony Photography

Mallorca’s Golden Dream by Vivid Symphony Photography

Mallorca’s Golden Dream


Are you ready to discover Mallorca´s hidden treasures? Then follow the photographers Mila and Stephan of
Vivid Symphony whose magical pictures take us on a journey to unknown places of this Balearic island…

Slowly the clouds fade away to let Mallorca´s sun shine directly onto a secret valley of fincas. We notice this one out of many, yet it´s the biggest of all. Inside, there´s a bride like many others, yet she´s the most beautiful of all.

Lush palm trees give shade, opulent olive trees spread Mediterranean flair. Embedded in this remarkable fauna lays Belmond La Residencia, a luxurious estate of high class, spacious, exclusive and glamorous. From its terrace one has the best view onto the world as well as far into the distance.

Here, in the mountain area of Mallorca, unnoticed and undisturbed, a bridal couple celebrates their love. A lavishly set table for two is ready for the feast. Stylish stationery reveals we´re waiting for Richard and Elisabeth.

For now, the bride is getting ready in her rooms, wandering in her delicate dress through the spacious house. Also, the groomed garden and surrounding nature get spoiled by her appearance. Finally, she delivers her sweetheart from waiting longingly.

Mila and Stephan of Vivid Symphony show impressively how extravagant and elegant a country wedding with rustic charm can be. Their breathtaking concept showcasing Mallorca´s beauty and its hidden treasures leave us speechless.

In collaboration with wedding planner Natalia Ortiz they turned the already dreamlike Belmond La Residencia into a very special love nest and created one-of-a-kind inspirations.

With loads of love for details, like the artistic stationery from Annette Bleichert, the team united typical Mediterranean elements with the island´s untouched nature and the aesthetics of Fine art to eternalize the result on impressive pictures for us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




WEDDING PLANNER: Natalia Ortiz Events
DRESS: Laure De Lis
MUAH: Vannesa Make Up
STATIONERY: Annette Bleichert
LOCATION: Belmond La Residencia
MODEL: Irene









    Vivid Symphony







Isn´t it amazing what magical inspirations creative teams from the wedding industry pull out of their hats over and over again?

This time Martin Hofmann impresses us with a mystical winter atmosphere that he and his team created at the castle Moosburg in Carinthia.

With a lot of love and passion for details they arranged a winterly table in dark tones of berry and red combined with dreamlike decoration items.

Isabella Karnell proofed her talent for costly arranged floral decoration and a romantic floral wreath for the bride. Her tender dress contrasted wonderfully with the mysterious foggy landscape.

Even if we long for warm summer days sometimes we do enjoy being captured by this magical atmosphere and the breathtaking pictures shot by Martin Hofmann.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


winterbraut kaernten 0001winterbraut kaernten 0008winterbraut kaernten 0007winterbraut kaernten 0008awinterbraut kaernten 0009winterbraut kaernten 0010winterbraut kaernten 0040winterbraut kaernten 0011winterbraut kaernten 0012winterbraut kaernten 0013winterbraut kaernten 0014winterbraut kaernten 0015winterbraut kaernten 0017winterbraut kaernten 0038winterbraut kaernten 0037winterbraut kaernten 0016winterbraut kaernten 0041winterbraut kaernten 0018winterbraut kaernten 0019winterbraut kaernten 0018awinterbraut kaernten 0020winterbraut kaernten 0021winterbraut kaernten 0039winterbraut kaernten 0022winterbraut kaernten 0024winterbraut kaernten 0025winterbraut kaernten 0026winterbraut kaernten 0028winterbraut kaernten 0027winterbraut kaernten 0029winterbraut kaernten 0030winterbraut kaernten 0031winterbraut kaernten 0034winterbraut kaernten 0033winterbraut kaernten 0032


FOTOGRAFIE: Martin Hofmann
BRAUTKLEID: Therese & Luise von Brautgeflüster
FLORISTIK: Isabella Karnell von Blumen Isabella
RING: Goldschmiede Sommer
VISAGISTIN: Elisabeth Jernej – Cafe Restaurant Seerose
MODEL: Vanessa Gasser
LOCATION: Schloss Moosburg


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