Lavender Field Love by Vivid Symphony Photography

Lavender Field Love by Vivid Symphony Photography



Just like a soft, fragrant blanket, the lavender spreads all over the endless fields, the scene of boisterous moments of love for two.

Stunned by their pleasant scent the young couple dances among the dense shrubs, carefree, worriless and in love.

One could almost think that the world belongs exclusively to them, and it´s probably all about them right now.

Picking ears or diving noses into purple flowers. Walking hand in hand or sitting on a blanket side by side on a blanket, free is who ever does what he likes. Happy is who ever is never doing it alone …

Event stylist Natalia Ortiz Events did not need much more than a never-ending lavender field, a charming couple, a wonderfully romantic dress and a handful of selected flowers and details of In Love Atelier to bring these sweeping inspirations to life.

We can almost smell the violet sea of flowers and clearly see the great love between the two as they enjoy their togetherness in the soft breeze of Guadalajara.

Mila and Stephan from Vivid Symphony Photography captured all that on fascinating pictures for us. What are we waiting for? Let’s get enchanted…




PHOTOGRAPHY: Vivid Symphony Photography
PLANNING: Natalia Ortiz Events
CONCEPT: Kseniya Bunets
MODELS: Katerina und Andrej





Sensual Bridal Boudoir Session by Vivid Symphony Photography

Sensual Bridal Boudoir Session by Vivid Symphony Photography

Sensual Bridal Boudoir Session


A bouquet of fragrant flowers, whose scent reaches her nostrils, young daylight, that shines through the window and finest fabrics, which lie barely noticeable on naked skin kiss the senses of the bride lovingly awake.

The minimalist atmosphere at the Zeitraum 10 ensures an even larger effect of the main protagonists. For one, the bride herself, naturally beautiful and fascinating adorable.

Aware of her sensual femininity she covers her body only with the high quality models of Sina Fischer Design which glide gently down her seductive curves.

Then there’s the delicate shiny beads winding delicately through her blonde hair, combined to a captivating headpiece by Carlina Headpieces. The paper goods by Handwriting Life present themselves equally graceful inviting to today’s feast.

Last but not least there´s these fancy flower arrangements by Saltoflorale in the hands of our bride. Dry and wild yet surprising and refreshing at the same time one can not look away.

Impressive as always the photo artists Mila and Stephen of Vivid Symphony captured these spectacular moments of a wedding for us, which we don´t want to withhold from you any longer.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




BRIDAL ROBES (Lunga, Maglia, Kimono): Sina Fischer Design
HAIRPIECES: Carlina Headpieces
MUAH: Tatiana from Christian Born Friseure
FLORALS: Saltoflorale
STATIONERY: Handwriting Life
LOCATION: Zeitraum10
SHOES: Rainbow via In Love Vintage Brautmode
MODEL: Maria from KS Models 









     Vivid Symphony                   Sina Fischer Design



Wild Beauty – Boho Bridal Inspirations by Vivid Symphony

Wild Beauty – Boho Bridal Inspirations by Vivid Symphony

Wild Beauty


Quietly and shiny a mountain lake ends somewhere far away, leaving a graceful bride in her graceful  YolanCris bridal dress of Jolie Bruchsal  to her destiny.

Hopefully her thoughts fade into this endless width, returning to her full of confidence and trust.

Wild like her soul she feels one with this mostly bleak landscape giving new life to the bouquet in her hands.

Just a sheer fabric separates her from Mother Nature whom she shows what a beautiful being she became…

An exotic beauty embedded in a breathtaking mountain landscape was the protagonist of this magical shoot organized by the photographers Mila and Stephan of Vivid Symphony.

Among the golden light of a setting sun the incomparable couple realized their exceptional visions of an expressive bride that fascinates the observer with her captivating aura.

Even we are totally excited by her charisma and the impressive pictures shot by Vivid Symphony which we want to show you now.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Vivid Symphony
DRESS: YolanCris via Jolie Bruchsal
FLOWERS: Saltoflorale
MAKE-UP & HAIR: Tatiana Pirog from Christian Born Friseure
MODEL: Tuyet My









     Vivid Symphony                        Jolie Bruchsal


Cheerful Spirits – Bridal Inspirations by Vivid Symphony

Cheerful Spirits – Bridal Inspirations by Vivid Symphony

Cheerful Spirits


Slowly the doors to a forgotten world slide open, revealing historic weddings. We hear waltz music playing and feel how candles warm the room.

„For our shooting we were looking for a mysterious and magical building full of legends and untold stories. Its wonderful walls breath the fading aristocratic zeitgeist of the late 19th century. A time when candles were the only source of light and rooms were infused with waltz music. That’s the spirit that inspired us to this styled shoot.” Mila and Stephan of Vivid Symphony told us.

Two fabulous women revive this aged house’s spirits. Delicate and breakable they seem to float – are they real or just an illusion?

“These two young women dance and play with each other, draping themselves in soft tulle. However, it’s all as evanescent as the old legends these walls could tell. But then the wind blows through an open window and everything becomes history. Only some burned down candles indicate that it all might have been real…”

With their fascinating concept the photographers of Vivid Symphony told all the stories these artfully built walls kept as their secret for centuries.

With flickering candles and opulent flower arrangements the event designer Voulez Vous created the perfect setting for every scene.

Enjoy the exciting journey into the past as we sink into the amazing picture gallery by Vivid Symphony.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




HAARE & MAKE-UP: Make Up Freedom
PAPETERIE: Imi Wedding
MODELS: Anna und Natalia









     Vivid Symphony



Andalusian Dream by Vivid Symphony Photography

Andalusian Dream by Vivid Symphony Photography

Andalusian Dream


Just your hot heart, nothing more.

My Paradise, a field,
no nightingales,
no strings,
a river, discrete,
and a little fountain. Without the spurs,
of the wind, in the branches, without the star,
that wants to be leaf.

An enormous light that will be
the glow
of the Other,
in a field of broken gazes. A still calm
where our kisses, sonorous circles
of echoes,
will open, far-off.

And your hot heart, nothing more.

Federico García Lorca, andalusischer Lyriker und Dramatiker


A castle among blooming orange plantations, impressive oriental architecture and a sensual beauty who tells a moving love story like no one else – that´s all the team of Vivid Symphony needed for Andalusian bridal inspirations like these…

The shining sun lets pompous gold shine bright. Ornaments adorn walls, tiles and paper goods, gracing even the beautiful bride in the form of lace. Yet something´s missing, she´s still seeking for happiness.

Lush green and radiant orange become one with bright white and royal blue. Valuable gold unites them on the table awaiting a love story with happy end.

Andalusia seems like a foreign world arousing our curiosity to get to know it. “For German bridal couples Andalusia is a previously undiscovered wedding location. However, this place offers amazing backdrops for weddings or honeymoons and up to 320 days of sunshine every year.” the photographers Mila and Stephan of Vivid Symphony reveal.

Their love for Andalusia inspired them to collaborate with wedding planner Olga de Navas of  ETC Bahía to create these stunning bridal inspirations. They told us: “We love Andalusia for its fascinating mixture of breathtaking nature and cultural wealth. However, for this shoot we were inspired by the love story of the last sultan of Granada and his wife Morayma, who outlasted even biggest distances: a young bride longingly waiting for her groom among amazing Andalusian scenery. A bride who hopes, loves and feels strong.”

Desire, love, hope – their bride, wearing a dreamlike robe by Schleifenfänger and a floor-length veil, embodied all that and waited for her sweetheart holding a bridal bouquet made by wedding planner Olga de Navas of  ETC Bahía

Translation: Marina Jenewein




FOTOGRAFIE: Vivid Symphony
PLANUNG + ORGANISATION: Vivid Symphony + ETC Bahía – Cádiz
HAARSCHMUCK: Marina Miller
FLORISTIK: ETC Bahía – Cádiz
PAPETERIE: Hochzeit mit Konzept
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Rosario Fernandez – Jerez de la Frontera
BRAUTSTYLING: Grün Geschminkt + Vivid Symphony









   Vivid Symphony


Elena & Bastian – Love is in the Air by Vivid Symphony

Elena & Bastian – LOVE IS IN THE AIR


Carefully lips come closer uniting in a loving kiss. Faithfully her head lays on his shoulder sinking into a heartfelt hug. Firmly his hand clasps her neck pulling her towards him to whisper oaths of love into her ear…

These are the special moments the sun gives her golden glance to. In between she hides behind hills of gravel to allow Elena and Bastian some time of togetherness. This place´s mood is magical, with or without her.

As if time stood still and the world was all theirs the amorous couple gives vent to their feelings, forgetting everything around them. Maybe even the photographers Mila and Stephan of  Vivid Symphony who captured these meaningful moments for Elena and Bastian on camera.

With their breathtaking gallery of pictures, the great artists of  Vivid Symphony show us what happens, when fantastic lights, a beautiful couple, an electric guitar and a whiff of BoHo style meet…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


bohemian-engagement-shoot_0001 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0002 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0002a bohemian-engagement-shoot_0004 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0005 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0005a bohemian-engagement-shoot_0006 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0008 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0009 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0010 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0011 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0012 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0013 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0014 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0015 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0016 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0017 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0018engagement_0050
bohemian-engagement-shoot_0021 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0022 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0023 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0024 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0025 bohemian-engagement-shoot_0026




My Soul is an Ocean – Bridal Inspirations at Andalusia from Vivid Symphony

My Soul is an Ocean – Bridal Inspirations at Andalusia from Vivid Symphony



Unruly the ocean blusters towards the coast cutting deep blue capers. A soft swish climbs up the cliffs becoming an unforgettable symphony of love for the blink of an eye.

Here at the Costa de la Luz in Andalusia, Spain. A wild ballet emerges between the passionate ocean and the quiescent cliffs – a liaison of two uneven lovers. A spectacle of nature showing its power day by day yet couldn´t be more devoted. What a source of inspiration for your everyday love.

A beautiful bride stands at the edge. Free and nearly too delicate to find her place in Spain´s edgy landscape. But as it often happens photographer Mila Flad of Vivid Symphony was attracted by this certain contrast and decided to create a nautical fairy tale of romance with ETC Bahía on her side.

And this is how plain fabrics, filigree handicraft and nifty naturalness became one – to implement Spanish femininity into the scenery in form of a bridal gown by Rafael Garcia Forcada. With her natural hairstyle and head pieces by Marina Miller she dominates the moment like a goddess. The combination of white and gold has never been more divine.

Prayerfully she holds romantically designed stationery by imi wedding like a love note in her hands. Blue and almost handwritten calligraphy on plain white paper turns into an artful painting, resembling the width of the sea. Almost infinite, just like this bridal couple´s love.

She stares into the distance and it becomes obvious to her: this is what she wants, this is true love.

Had I told the sea
What I felt for you,
It would have left its shores,
Its shells,
Its fish,
And followed me.

– Nizzas Gabbani –


brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0001 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0002 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0003 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0004 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0005 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0005a brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0006 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0007 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0008 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0008a brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0010 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0011 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0015 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0016 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0017 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0018 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0019 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0019a brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0020 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0021 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0022 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0025 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0025b brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0026 brautinspirationen-am-strand-von-andalusien_0052


FOTOGRAFIE + KONZEPT: Mila Flad von Vivid Symphony
BRAUTKLEID DESIGNER: Rafael Garcia Forcada
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Rosario Fernandez
BRAUTSTYLING: Grün Geschminkt + Vivid Symphony
PAPETERIE: imi wedding
LOCATION: Costa de la Luz, Andalusien


Feelings of love in Madrid by Vivid Smphony Photography

Feelings of love in Madrid by Vivid Smphony Photography


Feelings of love in Madrid


Madrid is a cosmopolitan city with modern infrastructures and a rich cultural and artistic heritage from a long and eventful past.

In love, Noelia and Roberto stroll through the streets of the vibrant capital of Spain. Love is in the air, the two have only eyes for each other and even the historical buildings seem to float past them unnoticed.

With her look, Noelia embodies a self-confident, modern woman of today and love is reflected in the radiance of her eyes.

Full of anticipation the lovers seems to dare steps into a new life. It does not need many words, a smile of happiness is enough.

The pictures of Mila and Stephan of Vivid Symphony are expressive, impressive and palpably passionat.



Photography: Vivid Symphony
Model: Noelia



Sophisticated Boudoir Shoot with Art Niveau Charm

Sophisticated Boudoir Shoot with Art Niveau Charm



Sophisticated Boudoir Shoot with Art Niveau Charm



We admire a flawless body aesthetically wrapped by gossamer fabric panels. We experience how refined transparency plays with the advantages of a female figure. Delicate skin tells of delightful seduction, barely perceptible lingerie beguiles with irresistible sensuality.

Aesthetic boudoir sessions like this one, from a workshop by Vivid Symphony enchant us with natural grace and a stylish imagery. The workshop consists of two parts: Boudoir and Flatlay. The two speakers from Vivid Symphony  and Marry & Lilo will allow participants to shoot both boudoir images and their own flatlay images, creating a full suite of images.

From Mila of Vivid Symphony: “We found inspiration for the boudoir editorial design concept in the location itself. We discovered a very exciting mix of art level and modern elements in the interior design. Especially the unusual dark shades of the rooms has a decadent charm. Contrasting the dark mood of the interior was our bride’s first look: airy and bright.

The ceiling chandelier decorated with Viennese wicker, as well as the bedroom wall finished with a photo wallpaper, inspired us for the storytelling to include these elements in the stationery and also in the flatlay styling of.
The portrait is described by the French manufacturer as follows: Carried by an elephant adorned with gold and silk, the Maharajah’s messengers set off into the tropical jungle. Before nightfall, a marriage proposal is delivered to the bride-to-be.”

From Laruder Couture on the second look: “Inspired by the color scheme and patterns of the wallpaper, I designed the filigree lace with delicate vines and leaves. It was immediately clear to me that the black embroidery on a dark blue, fine tulle would round off the lace nobly. The highlight of the robe is the beautiful, long train, which gives the model a stately look.”




Photo, Workshop Speaker & Concept: Vivid Symphony 
Flatlay Styling, Second Speaker & Styling Props: Marry & Lilo 
MUAH: Annett Andres 
Shoes: Bella Belle 
Earrings: Decolove Atelier 
Flower Design: Die Blumenbindrei 
Lingerie: BHglich  
Dressing Gown: Ex Miss 
Boudoir Dress: Laruder Couture
Stationery: Pen to Paper 


Pure Tenderness

Pure Tenderness



Pure Tenderness


Naked, soft skin tells of charming seduction, barely noticeable lingerie tells of irresistible sensuality. Conscious of her distinctive femininity, the bride covers her body with high-quality models from Girl and a Serious Dream , which gently glide down her feminine curves.

Conscious and full of joie de vivre, the bride enjoys the first hours of her big day and pampers herself in a stylish ambience with delicacies, heavenly flower arrangements and an enchanting dress dream by Berta.

Pure aesthetics and grace are shown in the impressive shots by Vivid Symphony , who completely captivate us with this styled shoot.

From Vivid Symphony: “Expectant atmosphere in Schloss Brandis flooded with morning light. Dreamy, romantic, sensual – that’s how a bride’s wedding morning should be. Dressed in a breath of nothingness, she celebrates the beginning of a great day. Thinking of her groom, she takes her breakfast at a table set exclusively for her. While she enjoys tempting cupcakes from Patiserie Unplugged, crunchy fruit and sparkling champagne, she thinks about how she will soon be saying yes to the man of her heart and kissing him through laughing tears.

Romantic & wild floral arrangements by die Blumenbinderei are made of an exciting mix of the most beautiful flowers of spring: anemones, roses, success ranunculus, fritillaries, butterfly ranunculus, jasmine, Wanda orchid, lady’s slipper, lentil roses, peonies, poeticus daffodils, wild carrot, eucalyptus and vetches. In the bright gradient of white, cream and blush tones, dark berry red flowers add interesting accents. The setting of clean, modern shapes in light beige & gray tones makes the wildly dreamy blooms all the more the secret main player of the morning breakfast. Meanwhile, bright figs, fruity passion fruit and full-bodied grapes vie with the masterful cupcakes in pastel tones.



Photography & Concept: Vivid Symphony
Dress: Berta via Bridal Boutique Baden Baden 
Floral Design: die Blumenbinderei 
MUAH: Tatiana Pirog
Beauty: Marie
Jewelry: Maison Sabben via Magnolias on Silk 
Wedding design: Tischlein schmück dich 
Location: Schloss Brandis 
Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes via Bridal Boutique Baden Baden 
Lace Boudoir Robe: Girl and a Serious Dream  via Magnolias on Silk 
Lingerie: BB Lingerie
Bridal Robe: Rara Avis
Sweets: Patiserie Unplugged
Stationery: Lettering by GRG 
Styling Goods: Marry & Lilo
Rings: Taya Gioielli 
Ring Box: Velweds