Debonaire Romance by Vivid Symphony

  Debonaire Romance   Whenever the unknown feels familiar, one is inexplicably attracted to something by strangers, and neither head nor heart can resist, then true love and great emotions is in the play. In this case artfully staged by the photographers Mila and...

Wind of Porto by Vivid Symphony Photography

The wind of Porto blows passionately, asking single strands of hair, delicate fabric and fresh foliage for a dance.


Love and Passion in La Palma by Vivid Symphony

Blustering waves, rugged rocks and black sand seem ungodly, yet in their middle there´s a young love and their great passion seething.


Mallorca’s Golden Dream by Vivid Symphony Photography

In the mountain area of Mallorca, unnoticed and undisturbed, a bridal couple celebrates their love. A lavishly set table for two is ready for the feast.

Lavender Field Love by Vivid Symphony Photography

Just like a soft, fragrant blanket, the lavender spreads all over the endless fields, the scene of boisterous moments of love for two.

photos: Vivid Symphony Photography