This romantic, ballet-inspired fine art editorial was created in collaboration between Anna Grinet’s Photography, Krista from de Vasco’s Daughters and Dani from Studio Fleurette. It features designers such as Samuelle Couture, Gillian Conroy Jewelry and Diane Hassall and focuses on the graceful movements of dance.

The inspiration for this came from Anna, Krista and Dani’s love of art and ballet. The romantic story of a ballerina’s wedding is depicted here as a beautiful labor of love.

For the photo shoot, they chose a breathtaking wedding venue in Minneapolis, the Calhoun Beach Club. The sunny windows and gorgeous terrace were absolutely perfect for the dreamy look.

The exquisite, handmade, flowing dress made of silk organza, silk tulle and French lace by Samuelle Couture beautifully portrayed the love story of a ballerina. The model showed the soft, charming movements of the dress in elegant and gentle poses. The natural flow of the dress in the wind fascinates and captures the viewer’s attention. The ballerina’s graceful looks and hand positions represent the art of ballet dancing. The bride and groom lay in each other’s arms and the world stood still as the wind gently danced around them, creating dreamy movements in the dress and veil.

The bride carried a romantic bouquet of white peonies, ranunculus and fabulous toffee garden roses with pale pink accents, wrapped with an elegant silk ribbon from Silk & Willow. Dani brilliantly composed the flowers to show dimensions and organic compositions of carefully selected, muted, soft tones of spring colors and blooms.

A fabulous wedding table was decorated with delicate spring flowers consisting of garden roses, peonies and hellebores. Krista chose every single detail of the table decorations with great care. The unexpected addition of black crockery on the dining table added a touch of drama. Crystal candelabras created the light and airy look. Beautiful little desserts from D’Amico Catering complemented the design with a sweet touch.

Jesus Arte created an effortless, romantic look with make-up in natural tones and a loose updo. This gave the bride an elegant look according to the motto “less is more”.

The groom’s unique feather bow tie from Brackish by Martin Patrick 3 completed his handsome appearance and gave him a touch of Swan Lake ballet. It complemented the white blazer, which is a nice new alternative to a standard black tuxedo and harmonized wonderfully with the ruffled pocket square. Black Italian velvet shoes from Pastori completed the groom’s elegant look.

Romantic stationery with a touch of ornate charm from Jill Elaine Designs was combined with a silk ribbon reminiscent of a ballerina’s moves. A cotton paper with a luxurious texture and jagged edges represented creativity and art.

With exceptional attention to detail, every aspect of this inspiration has been carefully crafted to create a breathtaking display of love and beauty. The result is a truly motivating creation. Fine art wedding photographer Anna captured this gorgeous inspiration beautifully with a light, romantic and artistic approach.

Styling & creative direction: de Vasco’s Daughters Weddings & Event Design
Photography: Anna Grinets Photography
Floristry: Studio Fleurette
Stationery: Jill Elaine Designs
Venue: Calhoun Beach Club
Wedding cake & desserts: D’Amico Catering
Hair & Make Up: Jesus E. Garcia
Videography: Blush Film Co.
Gown designer: Samuelle Couture
Bridal shoes: Diane Hassall
Men’s Boutique: Martin Patrick 3
Pocket Square: Stenströms
Bow Tie and Cufflinks: Brackish
Groom’s shoes: Pastori
Ring: RF Moeller
Earrings: Gillian Conroy Jewelry
Furnishings & tableware: Linen Effects
Plates: Ultimate Events & Rentals
Table linens: BBJ La Tavola
Silk ribbon: Silk & Willow
Talents: Meredith Model & Talent Agency / Wehmann Models & Talent
Photo lab: Richard Photo Lab

Edgar Degas inspired Ballerina

Edgar Degas inspired Ballerina




Edgar Degas inspired Ballerina



The vastness of the sea, a secluded coastal landscape, crashing waves and fine sand were perfect backdrops for this ravishing editorial captured in a poetic imagery by photo artist Ditto Dianto.

When delicate ballet dancers float gracefully through the air like elves, our feelings and emotions are set into gentle vibrations. The graceful movements caress our senses and are an expression of magical beauty.

A perfect interplay of colors and shapes unites the details to a seductive variety of inspiration – what you discover is feather-light, encouraging and fascinating.

From Ditto Dianto: “This shoot is heavily inspired by ballerina paintings by French impressionist painter, Edgar Degas. The pastel palette, a combination of the rocky beach, stunning dress movements, whimsical florals, and a sea-colored cake resulting in the most romantic & luxurious bridal portraits inspiration.

The details also showcase the bride’s authentic ballerina shoes, her bridal hair accessories by Grace De Bloom and a custom invitation suite from Seniman Calligraphy.

Our custom wedding cake by La Vie Douce Design had the most beautiful translucent floral touches and stunning design which blew us away as it looked like a piece of art itself!

A bouquet match in heaven with a timeless floral arrangements featuring a blend of Ranunculus, Poppy and Sweet Pea from Vo Floral Design.

It was not the most friendly weather we were dealing with during the shoot. Heavy gusts of winds were a real challenge throughout the day. But in the end all the movements it created are something magical to be captured and everything was worth it.”





Photographer: Ditto Dianto
Floral: Vo Floral Design
Makeup & Hair: Hera Huang
Accessories: Grace De Bloom
Cake: La Vie Douce Design
Paper Design: Seniman Calligraphy 
Creative & Styling: Jessi Clare
Styling Mats: Locust Collection
Film Lab: Photovision Prints
Bride/Ballerina: Madison Keesler

Graceful Ballerina Poetry

Graceful Ballerina Poetry



Graceful Ballerina Poetry



Delicate colors, refined elegance and the grace of a graceful bride prove – minimalism sets the tone. Fine art photographer Géraldine Leblanc staged this poetic editorial with a great sense of style and aesthetics.

Like an elf, the delicate bride floats across the floor in a dress dream by Trulace Artistry, setting our emotions into gentle vibrations. The transparency and lightness of the fabric skilfully set off the sensual movements of the ballerina.

A masterpiece of nature was staged by florist Iris Utz from English Rosarium.  The beautifully arranged bridal bouquet and a lavishly decorated candlestick complete the stylish concept.

A perfect interplay of colors and shapes unites the details to create an alluring array of inspiration – what you discover is feather-light, encouraging and mesmerizing.

Photographer Géraldine Leblanc has captured this staging in enchanting images with great dedication and sensitivity.




Concept & Photography: Géraldine Leblanc Photography
Venue: Studio Fine Art
Floral design: English Rosarium 
Dresses: Trulace Artistry
Mua: Ieva
Hair: Magisches Haar 
Calligraphy: Ayla Pena
Model: Sujung Lim de  Scout Model 


A Ballerina’s Floral Wedding Dream

A Ballerina’s Floral Wedding Dream


A Ballerina’s Floral Wedding Dream


All in white and only with a bridal bouquet in her arms that´s allowed a few color accents – that´s probably a ballerina´s floral wedding dream, if we ask the event stylists from Locust Collection.

She wears her hair open, her black curls frame her pretty face. They seem to be mirrored in the dark roses, which curiously stick their heads out of the bouquet of white flowers and green foliage. In addition, there are flowers in graceful dusty pink, which together with the shiny ribbon referring to her delicate dance shoes. With this bouquet, floral designer Fleur Gabrielle managed to make the love and passion that this bride carries deep in her heart become visible.

Her sheer wedding dress by Leanne Marshall not only plays with seductive transparency, but also reminds of the lightness and fragility that a ballet dancer exudes. The long sleeves and flowing panels of fabric slide gently down on her and give the impression that she is floating…

Isn’t it remarkable how much body control, discipline and talent there is in this young woman? How she´s gracefully tiptoeing through the emptiness of the light-flooded Natural Light Studio and holds every pose perfectly?

Talent is also demonstrated by photographer Chelsea Ariane, who captured this dream of a beautiful bride on incredibly emotional pictures, giving us a unique daydream.



Floral Design: Fleur Gabrielle  
Styling Board: Locust Collection 
Graceful Prima Ballerina Editorial by Die Elfe Photography

Graceful Prima Ballerina Editorial by Die Elfe Photography


Graceful Prima Ballerina


More than 400 years lie between the Julia from thence and Romeo’s bride of today, even if her tragic story is the same. Marked by longing, devotion and drama, she gracefully writhes in her sorrow, wordlessly pouring out her heavy heart.

In front of the camera of photographer Elisabeth Feldner of Die Elfe, the beautiful ballerina vents her emotions. We see how she dances and rejoices joyfully, but also how she pines away after her sweetheart, lost in thoughts.

A hopeful look out the window, an expectant look at the laid table for two. But the space next to her remains empty, her fragile core untouched. One last time emotions break out of her. One last time her gorgeous bridal gown by Solaine Piccoli Vienna unfolds its full splendor. One last time she fills the Stadtpalais Liechtenstein with her splendor, before she sinks to the floor heartbroken…

More emotional than Die Elfe has done with this breathtaking shoot, you probably can not tell the world famous romance of Romeo and Juliet. Actually, no wonder, if you know how much passion was involved in this project.

“Ever since I was little, I remember a big, magnificent picture of a great ballerina hanging on a wall. Many stories have arisen in my imagination around this painting and so it was one of my dreams to tell my story in pictures someday.” the photographer tells us and adds: “I have been following Natascha Mair, a soloist of the State Opera at the Vienna State Ballet, for a long time on Instagram and when I saw her playing Julia in the Volksoper, the decision was finally made to realize this shoot.”

For the successful organization and realization of her dream, Die Elfe collaborated with the successfull wedding planner duo Natalie Nowakowski & Daniel Wolf of Happily Ever After, who proved their skills especially in the stylish table design.

A highlight, that photographer Die Elfe has captured just as lovingly and attentively as any balletic pose of the dancer. In the end it is her pictures that tell her very own story: “The pictures show the longing of a waiting Julia for her Romeo. Through the elegant and sensual movements, the fragility of love becomes visible.”

And with these meaningful words we may now release you into the remarkable picture gallery of Die Elfe.



PHOTOGRAPHY: Die Elfe Photography
DESIGN & SET UP: Happily Ever After
LOCATION:  Stadtpalais Liechtenstein
DRESS: Solaine Piccoli Vienna
HEADPIECE: Niely Hoetsch
MUAH: Gilbird – Claudia Fromaschitz
FLORALS: Florietta Meisterfloristik
CAKE ART: Sophie Stolzes
JEWELRY:  Rosa Marlene
STATIONERY: Eliv Rosenkranz
CUTLERY + Tablets: Wedding Bazaar Vienna 
DINNERWARE: Happily Ever After
MODEL: Natascha Mair







We hardly find the right words to describe this amazing styled shoot created by Amy Osaba and the brilliant shots from MK Sadler appropriately.

As outstanding florist and former ballerina Amy had the vision of merging her two biggest passions and eternalize them on exceptional pictures.

The breakable shell of a filigree prima ballerina incloses so much power, movement and energy covered by her tender appearance which makes us overlook all that. As a retiered trained ballet dancer Amy Osaba is aware of this fact and transfers these contrasts into her successfull and breathtaking work as floral designer.

We found the perfect interaction between production and photography especially fascinating. Finally Amy was able to gain the incomparable picture poet Meghan Kay Sadler for her project. Like no other photographer Meghan knows how to interact with lights and shades but foremost how to work with movement and standstill – which she proofed expressively with these pictures.

A professional dancer from the New York City Ballet and exquisite robes designed by Samuelle Couture grant this shooting its elegance, grace and glint but also its speed, expression and flexibility.

Amy Osaba and MK Sadler created a captivating and breakable appearing world to show us that inspirations often lay within our memories and the things we love.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


ballet inspired wedding ideas 0001ballet inspired wedding ideas 0002ballet inspired wedding ideas 0003ballet inspired wedding ideas 0054ballet inspired wedding ideas 0055ballet inspired wedding ideas 0005ballet inspired wedding ideas 0007ballet inspired wedding ideas 0008ballet inspired wedding ideas 0009ballet inspired wedding ideas 0010ballet inspired wedding ideas 0011ballet inspired wedding ideas 0012ballet inspired wedding ideas 0013ballet inspired wedding ideas 0014ballet inspired wedding ideas 0015ballet inspired wedding ideas 0016ballet inspired wedding ideas 0053ballet inspired wedding ideas 0015aballet inspired wedding ideas 0017ballet inspired wedding ideas 0019ballet inspired wedding ideas 0020ballet inspired wedding ideas 0022ballet inspired wedding ideas 0023ballet inspired wedding ideas 0024ballet inspired wedding ideas 0025ballet inspired wedding ideas 0026ballet inspired wedding ideas 0027ballet inspired wedding ideas 0029ballet inspired wedding ideas 0031ballet inspired wedding ideas 0030ballet inspired wedding ideas 0032ballet inspired wedding ideas 0059ballet inspired wedding ideas 0033ballet inspired wedding ideas 0034ballet inspired wedding ideas 0035ballet inspired wedding ideas 0036ballet inspired wedding ideas 0057ballet inspired wedding ideas 0037ballet inspired wedding ideas 0038ballet inspired wedding ideas 0048ballet inspired wedding ideas 0039ballet inspired wedding ideas 0040ballet inspired wedding ideas 0041ballet inspired wedding ideas 0042ballet inspired wedding ideas 0063ballet inspired wedding ideas 0061ballet inspired wedding ideas 0044ballet inspired wedding ideas 0045ballet inspired wedding ideas 0043ballet inspired wedding ideas 0047ballet inspired wedding ideas 0056ballet inspired wedding ideas 0049ballet inspired wedding ideas 0050ballet inspired wedding ideas 0051


DRESS: Samuelle Couture Bridal
HEADPIECES: Jennifer Behr
MAKE-UP: Nicole Sievers
HAIR: Styles on B
CALLIGRAPHY: Graceline Art
RIBBON: Silk & Willow
VENUE: The 1896
MODEL: Savannah Lowery



Pretty Ballerina Styled Shooting by Melanie Nedelko

Pretty Ballerina Styled Shooting by Melanie Nedelko

Pretty Ballerina – perfected beauty



When delicate ballet dancers float gracefully over the dance floor like elves, our feelings and emotions are set into gentle vibrations.

The graceful movements caress our senses and are an expression of magical beauty.

A bride also exudes gossamer fascination with her romantic appeal.

Photographer Melanie Nedelko has translated this theme with great dedication and sensitivity into enchanting images that captivate with every detail.

A perfect interplay of colors and shapes, a spectacular location, gorgeous hair accessories and delicate flowers is probably what unites these photos so wonderfully – a seductive variety of inspiration.



ballerina bridal shoot 0001ballerina bridal shoot 0002ballerina bridal shoot 0003ballerina bridal shoot 0004ballerina bridal shoot 0010cballerina bridal shoot 0008ballerina bridal shoot 0005ballerina bridal shoot 0010aballerina bridal shoot 0010ballerina bridal shoot 0009ballerina bridal shoot 0013ballerina bridal shoot 0007ballerina bridal shoot 0020ballerina bridal shoot 0011ballerina bridal shoot 0012ballerina bridal shoot 0017ballerina bridal shoot 0019ballerina bridal shoot 0021ballerina bridal shoot 0022ballerina bridal shoot 0031ballerina bridal shoot 0025ballerina bridal shoot 0026ballerina bridal shoot 0027ballerina bridal shoot 0028ballerina bridal shoot 0029ballerina bridal shoot 0032ballerina bridal shoot 0037ballerina bridal shoot 0038ballerina bridal shoot 0023ballerina bridal shoot 0030ballerina bridal shoot 0033ballerina bridal shoot 0042ballerina bridal shoot 0041ballerina bridal shoot 0040ballerina bridal shoot 0034ballerina bridal shoot 0039


PHOTOPROPS ( ladder , cage, table, armchair): The Viennese room
MAKE-UP AND HAIR: Make-up Artist Angie
DRESSES AND BALLET SHOES: private collection
VASES: Viennese sense of home
MODELS: Verena & Dajana



Time travel between classic and modern

Time travel between classic and modern




Time travel between classic and modern



Inspired by the historical architecture of Frankfurt, this photo shoot is created with the concept of contrasting modern and classic to have a fashionable bride travelling back in time. Wedding Photographer Echo Kowalski of Kajade Photography selected Locations with signature 19th century buildings as a background, which perfectly blended contemporary bridal fashion and glamorous sweetheart table settings into the story line.

For this photo shoot, Echo invited professional ballerina Victoria Carolina Patronas to dance through the city. “Victoria is a gem! She loves ballet and it is an integral part of her life. From all her moves you can see ballet is in her blood. But she doesn’t need a pair of ballet shoes to define her. And this is exactly the spirit of the young generation. She herself is already the perfect combination of modern and classic”.

Regarding the Bridal Fashion, Bridal Stylist Jessica Madeo of Yours & Mine Bridal Concept Atelier created two styles, both with dresses from Bridal designer Michèle Weiten. The first look is the knee-length dress MAJKE with small tassels, which is combined with a short veil and a pair of floral earrings to reflects a vibrant and blooming lifestyle. The second look is the maxi dress with feather sleeves SILLA, which is matched with silk organza hairband and a pair of pearl earring to show the delicate and elegant side of women.

Hair & Makeup Artist Yvonne Turek used a clean makeup to bring out the natural beauty of the bride. And she designed two hairstyles to elevate the feelings given by the sleeves of the dresses. For the short dress MAJKE, she tided a small ponytail to give space to the energetic flow created by the movement of the tassels. For the long dress SILLA that has smooth fabric and feather sleeves, she created a hairstyle to match accordingly, i.e. a clean and tidy upper part and a wavey and light weighted lower part.

The sweetheart table is designed with the minimal colours black, white and gold to maximise the grandiosity of the setting. Not only did Florist Daniela Sopcic combined various white flowers to show sophistication in simplicity, but decoration specialist Sonja Stopper also carefully selected glass elements to contrast vintage detailed patterns (e.g. the plates) and modern sleek designs (e.g. glasses).

Stationery made by Marina Mercuri-Schulz from Das Letter Atelier followed the idea of less is more. She put the emphasis on details, such as using serif typeface as a classic element for an exclusive design and using plenty of negative space to give clarity to her artwork.





Photography: Echo Kowalski – Kajade Photography
Bridal Design: Yours & Mine Bridal Concept Atelier
Dresses MAJKE & SILLA: Michèle Weiten
Floral Earrings LEORA: Dila Handmade Accessories
Pearl Earrings The Margaux Hoops: Nanna Geller
Leaves: Jeonga Choi Berlin
Hair & Make-up: Yvonne Turek
Florals: Daniela Sopcic
Stationery: Marina Mercuri-Schulz – Das Letter Atelier
Tabledesign: Sonja Stopper
Chameleon Chair: Designrausch Deco Concepts
Rings: LiaNoa
Model: Victoria Carolina Patronas

The Graceful Dance of two Lovers

The Graceful Dance of two Lovers



The graceful dance of two lovers




The dance of two lovers is like a dream, in which passion becomes a rhythmic confession of love on the waves of melodies.

Love knows many languages. Ballet is one of them. A dance that could not have given more fitting expression to this extraordinary editorial. And so the dance love game turns into a magical love story in which the graceful couple talk about their innermost feelings without words.


From Event planner Veronika Marchenko:Ballet is a dance of generations around the world.  Ballet is tenderness and passion;  romance and a riot of emotions;  versatility and lightness;  classic and modern. We were inspired to create this project by the story of our couple, their activities and creative nature. Supporting the artist, we created a visual that formed the overall concept of the entire project. The main task of our team was to draw this fine line between the dance and the couple themselves, to emphasize their story, but not to make them a working portfolio photography. We chose neutral background shades to focus on the couple and details. Airiness and lightness are what the viewer should feel.  This became our main goal.


In the image of the bride, given the fact that Maya is a ballerina, we decided to leave the standard vision and do something unique.  We set a clear task to use this lightness in makeup and not to overload the image with complex styling. We approached the design of the outfit very seriously, we needed to create a dress that would perfectly fit the overall look: graceful and flowing.  The designer Olga Manyukevich perfectly coped with this task, complementing the outfit with personalized accessories.


We have taken great care in detail.  We used the symbol of ballet – pointe shoes, handmade calligraphy from Olga Manyukevich and sheet music.  For a bright accent, we rented an antique piano and a candelabrum. In floristry, it was decided not to use a bright palette, but to use shades of white and beige.  Our flower fairy Veronika Dren certainly did an excellent job with this task and created a composition that resembles a snow-white cloud. The sweet accessory throughout the shoot became a separate and bright accent.  Handmade cake from Damaster Cake is sustained in a common palette of shades.


Thanks to our talented photographer Yulia Galygina and videographer Yauheni Grischenko, we can completely immerse ourselves in this unique dance of the ballet genre, live this story together and become a little closer to the amazing world of art.”


From bride Maya:‘Our first meeting took place 5 years ago at the Musical Comedy Theater, where I came to work.  I remember Anton came up to me and offered to take an excursion around the theater, and I immediately liked him.  At that time, I did not understand Russian very well and Anton helped me overcome the language barrier … He always supported me and became a good friend to me. Today I dont even remember in which dance  number we danced for the first time together, but I remember that it was very exciting for me.  Time flew by quickly and we worked hard.  Trainings, performances and tours: we didnt notice how we became very close and spent all the time together.


 Our official first date took place during a City Day Holiday.  I remember how Anton squeezed my hand so that I would not get lost in the crowd.  We walked around the city, ate ice cream and talked a lot.  At that moment I realized – Anton is more than a friend to me.  I want us to be together forever, to hold hands like this, to become a couple …


 Years passed and our relations developed: we danced all the time, rested together and visited countries. Our dance has become our passion.  We deeply value each other and our relationship.  This is our creative world. ” 


From groom Anton:”I was already dancing in the theater when I first met Maya.  I remember how we were told that new artists would join our group.  Among our new colleagues, I saw this fragile and tender girl.  She smiled all the time.  I learned that Maya was originally from Japan and I wanted to introduce her into our culture, to show her the city and our traditions.


 We spent a lot of time together and became good friends.  She told me about her country and traditions.  It was always interesting for me to listen to her, we could sit and talk for hours.  Years passed and I realized how dear she was to me.  I knew that we should be together.  On the first date, I allowed myself to kiss her on the cheek.  So our relationship acquired a new status.  We’re a couple now.  I’m sure – Maya is my person and I want to hold my way with her.”






Photography: Yulia Galygina
Event Planning: Veronika Marchenko
Coordination: Darya Alesına
Floral Design: Veronika Dren
Dress: Olga Novik
Video: Yauheni Grischenko
Hair: Katerina Bulei
MakeUp: Iryna Skomoroshko
Calligraphy: Olga Manyukevich
Cake: Damaster Cake
FilmLab: Lighthouse Film Lab

Elegant Minimalism sets Accents

Elegant Minimalism sets Accents


Elegant minimalism sets accents


Delicate colors, refined elegance and the simplicity of a bridal couple prove – minimalism sets the tone.

Creative Director Sierra Ramke of SR. Creative staged this romantic editorial with a great sense of style and aesthetics.

KWH Bridal’s wafer-thin wedding dress caresses the silhouette of the distinctive bride. With her artfully styled hair and naturally beautiful face, she allows her dreamy dress to unfold its full splendor.

A beautifully arranged bridal bouquet by Madeline Anne is the icing on the cake, making her unmistakable as a bride.

Her sight enchants not only us but also the tastefully dressed groom.

Clear lines and soft curves in table styling unite in a romantic symbiosis. We are impressed by the talent of loosening up elegance and playfulness and the knowledge to combine different textures under the aspect of naturalness.

The modern minimalism finds its completion in the unique pictures of Zelda Green.




Photography: Zelda Green
Creative Direction: SR. Creative
Floral + Styling: Madeline Anne
Dress: KWH Bridal via Babushka Ballerina
Ribbons: Songbird Silk
Stationery: Azalea Calligraphy
Furniture Rentals: Simply Seated
Hair and Makeup: Kim K. Pham
Cake: Sincerely Sam Cakes
Suit: M.J. Bale
Shoes: Aquila Louis Vuitton
Rings: Ruusk 
Models: Krstina Scekic and Jonathan Nieto via The Right






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