Romantic Budapest Elopement by Katie Grant Photography

Romantic Budapest Elopement by Katie Grant Photography

Romantic Budapest Elopement


History-charged flair, architectonic master pieces and first harbingers of fall take us to a romantic Budapest elopement.

Tall arched windows invite the day´s first rays of sunlight to the getting ready of a bride, aged parquet flooring sings with every of her steps.

Her delicate pink dress covers her softly with valuable lace and opulent tulle, follows her feathery along paths and stone stairs.

Together the young couple travels into the past, on their meaningful path towards their new life in near future…

A magnificent style mixture of architecture characterizes the Hungarian capital city and fascinates thousands of visitors every year.

Photographer Katie Grant is one of them and can´t escape from the overwhelming charm of this pulsating metropolis and skillfully showcased some of its most beautiful places.

The famous fisher´s bastion with a view over the passing Danube became the backdrop for a lovely elopement. With an exceptional bridal dress of Musat Bridal, autumn-like flower arrangements and gorgeous details the talented artist created an authentic scenery.

Century-old appearing stationery by Julie Ha Calligraphy accomplished the picture harmonically so that Katie Grant could capture it with her camera.

Let´s marvel at the dreamlike results together!

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Katie Grant Photography 
DRESS: Musat Bridal from Babushka Ballerina 
VENUE: Fisherman’s Bastion 
CALLIGRAPHY: Julie Ha Calligraphy 
MODEL AGENCIES: ZsuZsi & Attila with Dream Media Budapest  


Enchanting Bella Belle Shoes for every Bridelook by Kurt Boomer Photography

Enchanting Bella Belle Shoes for every Bridelook by Kurt Boomer Photography

Enchanting Bella Belle Shoes For Every Bridelook


Delicate slippers for the getting ready, elegant pumps for the vows and adorable ballerina shoes – this wonderful collection by Bella Belle Shoes offers the perfect shoe for every bride´s special day.

Sheer lace and valuable fabrics on the bride´s body promise what extravagant designs continue on their feet. Flimsy they reveal many a skin yet holding tightly on to her.

At the breathtaking Chateau Cocomar we experience the symbiosis of exclusive dresses finding perfection within matching shoes. Beguiling or elegant, plain or playful – as if they were made for each other…

Joy Proctor Design created a fascinating atmosphere for perfection to unfold. Magnificent flower arrangements by Bows and Arrows as well as sheer veils and filigree accessories rounded out the overall picture harmonically.

Photographer Kurt Boomer captured this sea of beauty with every detail on pictures and presented the little pieces of art designed by Veronica Kwan of Bella Belle Shoes in the proper light.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




SHOES: Bella Belle Shoes
FLORAL DESIGN: Bows and Arrows
GOWNS: Galia Lahav and Watters
VEIL AND LINGERIE:  Girl and a Serious Dream
HAIR ACCESSORIES: Maria Elena and Bekah Anne
HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Hey Lovely Make Up
VENUE: Chateau Cocomar
MODEL: Amy Work at Neal Hamil Agency
STYLING BOARDS: Heirloom Bindery
RENTAL: Aztec Events and Tents



Ice Blue Wedding Inspirations from Barbara Wenz

Ice Blue Wedding Inspirations from Barbara Wenz

Ice Blue Love


A languorous morning at the romantic castle Laudon on the outskirts of Vienna. White frost covered pale meadows over night, shrouding the morning in freezing cold and hiding the estate behind a bright veil of mist.

Nowhere else feels melancholy as merciless as here. On this special day, when this bridal couple decided to tie the knot. This is where ice blue and white meet and where light green succulents kiss the night awake. Suddenly restrained silver flashes here and there giving the adorable wedding concept its magical elegance.

A romantic fairy tale captured as adorable picture story by photographer  Barbara Wenz and Hermann Henzl. To dream beautiful – from true love to blue romance.

Delicate color shades of chilly ice blue also dress the bride: in her voluminous tulle skirt of transparent porcelain blue and the white silk top, both by Noni, she appears as elfish ballerina. Her bridal look is natural and fairytale-like feminine. Always on her side: her groom who braves the cool temperatures with his ice blue wedding suit.

While it’s cold outside the lordly room is filled with royal blue. The festally little wedding table: deep blue cloths meet white elements. Solely the light green flower garland of opulent foliage by  Blumenzimmer adorns the table giving this icy scenery natural warmth. Restrained and cool yet heartwarming elegance…


eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0001 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0002 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0002a eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0003 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0004 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0005 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0006 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0007 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0008 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0009 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0010 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0011 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0012 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0013 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0014 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0015 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0016 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0017 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0018 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0019 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0020 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0021 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0022 eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0022a eisblauer-hochzeitstraum-in-wien_0024


FOTOGRAFIE + ORGANISATION: Barbara Wenz und Hermann Henzl
DEKORATION + SWEET TABLE: Brigitte Katzer – deko-raum
TORTE + SÜSSES: Manuele Rieder – Süße Welt
FLORISTIK: Blumenzimmer
PAPETERIE: Wunschkonzert Design
MAKE-UP + HAARE: Linda Goldsteiner
ROCK + OBERTEIL: Noni bei Edelcorner
JACKE BRAUT: Artappeal bei Edelcorner
SCHMUCK: Nicole Inführ
MÖBEL: Mietmöbel Föhr
LOCATION: Schloss Laudon
FOTO-ASSISTENZ: Michael Seirer
MODELS: Melanie und Christopher











Ballet Inspired Bridal Shoot by Callie Manion Photography

Ballet Inspired Bridal Shoot by Callie Manion Photography

Prima Ballerina Of The Hearts


Soft-footed the bride floats through the room, dancing to the sound of her heart. Love literally makes her fly, desire pushes her magically forward.

She enjoys every move to the full, obviously savors every pose. Her dress – a white dream of purest silk – highlights skillfully her elegance.

This time it´s all about her, the bride whose new life starts today…

The incomparable photographer Callie Manion combined the grace of a ballerina with the beauty of fresh flowers and the mysticism of flickering candles and turned them into energetic inspirations.

Stationery in tender pastel colors, a plain yet glamorous table decoration and a stunning naked cake set amazing highlights.

We´re especially fascinated by Callie Manions talent capturing movement and emotions on wonderful pictures. Come with us and let´s get becharmed by Callie Manion and her prima ballerina!

Translation: Marina Jenewein

ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0001 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0002 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0003 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0004 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0005 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0006 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0007 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0007a ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0008 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0010 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0011 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0012 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0013 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0014 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0015 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0016 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0017 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0018 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0019 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0020 ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0020a ballet-inspired-weddinginspirations_0021

PHOTOGRAPHY + STYLING: Callie Manion Photography
VENUE: Hickory Street Annex
GOWN + VEIL: Gossamer
FLORAL DESIGN: Poppies & Peonies Floral
PAPER GOODS: Brielle Story
CAKE: Glam Fete
FURNITURE + DECOR: Gold Dust Vintage
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Kiss & Makeup
FILM SCANS: Photovision
MODEL: Annie Heilner

Sunset Cliffs – Simply magical…

Sunset Cliffs – Simply magical…

Sunset Cliffs – Simply magical…


This is what heaven must feel like – we’re in seventh heaven when we look at the dreamy world of pictures shot by Carmen Santorelli.

The scraggy coastal landscape of San Diego with the steep cliffs and its breathtaking view was the perfect scenery for this amazing photo-shoot.

To highlighten the beauty of nature they worked with very puristic designer items. The event designer Christy of To La Lune created a harmonic concept with tender shades of nude- and rosé colors. Kaisa from Plenty of Petals impressed with an adorable bridal bouquet which she arranged so artfully with clematis, roses and buttercups.

The white cakes looked so beautiful and totally rounded off the overall picture.

An absolute highlight was that the fantastic team convinced prima ballerina Allyssa Bross of La Ballett to participate in this project. Wearing a tender bridal dress from Claire la Faye and classy accessories she seemed to be gracefully floating across this rough cliff-landscape.

We’re deeply impressed by the talent of picture artist Carmen Santorelli, who takes us into an inspiring wedding-world with her romantic pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


blush coastal wedding inspiration 0001blush coastal wedding inspiration 0002blush coastal wedding inspiration 0003blush coastal wedding inspiration 0004blush coastal wedding inspiration 0005blush coastal wedding inspiration 0006blush coastal wedding inspiration 0007blush coastal wedding inspiration 0008blush coastal wedding inspiration 0010blush coastal wedding inspiration 0011blush coastal wedding inspiration 0012blush coastal wedding inspiration 0014blush coastal wedding inspiration 0015blush coastal wedding inspiration 0016blush coastal wedding inspiration 0017blush coastal wedding inspiration 0018blush coastal wedding inspiration 0019blush coastal wedding inspiration 0020blush coastal wedding inspiration 0021blush coastal wedding inspiration 0022blush coastal wedding inspiration 0024blush coastal wedding inspiration 0025blush coastal wedding inspiration 0026


PHOTOGRAPHY: Carmen Santorelli Photography
FLORAL DESIGN: Plenty of Petals
HAIR & MAKE-UP: 10.11 Makeup
DRESS: Claire La Faye
SUIT: J.Crew
BAKERY: Sweet Lydia’s
RENTALS: Folklore Vintage Rentals
MODEL: Allyssa Bross von La Ballett


Poetic Swan Lake Bridal Shoot

Poetic Swan Lake Bridal Shoot

Poetic Swan Lake Bridal Shoot

Today we take you into the aesthetic world of ballet.

The bridal shooting arranged by Coco Tran and Vo Floral Designs was supposed to refelct the elfishly elegance of Swan Lakes´ ballerina.

Tender shades of beige and blue, the soft floating tulle of a romantic wedding gown and some adorable floral dekoration accentuated this beautiful theme.

With the brides´ dramatic eye make-up the commited team set another exciting contrast.

Finally the cliffy scenery at Sutro Bath coast in San Franceso created an expressive character for the overall picture.

This breathtaking world of pictures shot by Coco Tran emanates a captivating fascination and we get carried far away…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0001schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0002schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0003schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0006schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0005schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0004schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0007schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0008schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0009schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0010schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0011schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0012schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0013schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0014schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0015schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0016schwanensee swan lake inspiration 0017

PHOTOGRAPHER: Coco Tran Photography
FLORALS: Vo Floral Design
WEDDING GOWN: Paolo Sebastian by Nearly Newly Wed
HAIR: Gabi Hairstylist
HAIR ADORNMENT: Lacielle Roselle
MAKE-UP : Olga Primatova
MODEL: Clara Dibartolo