Gold Pieces by Michaela Römer with Taylor & Porter

As a symbol of their unity, the bride wears a TrauMRing – half dream, half vow – which will reflect this joyous moment in her eyes forever.

photos: Taylor & Porter

More Golden Things – fantastic jewelry collection of Michaela Römer with Greg Finck

Stripped-down to pure grace Michaela Römer presents her fantastic collection of jewelry – More Golden Things.

Fotos: Greg Finck

The exciting creative world of goldsmith Michaela Römer

Whoever seeks for the very personal as well as sustainability and handicraft might find their way to Michaela Römer for dreamlike rings. She´s one of Germany´s most creative goldsmiths.

Michaela Römer – MoRe golden things Shoot in Paris with Greg Finck

All lovers dream of it: Finding this very special ring to create a symbol for this very special emotion. This dreaMRing to accompany them through their life together.

Fotos: Greg Finck

Handcraft & Emotions – MR Manufactory Michaela Römer

Handcraft & Emotions – MR Manufactory Michaela Römer   When it comes to choosing the right wedding ring couples seek for quality, individuality and substainability. These rings become constant companions and are supposed to remind newly-weds of their mutual...