Fine Art Bridal Boudoir in Mint and Peach von Vivid Symphony

Fine Art Bridal Boudoir in Mint and Peach von Vivid Symphony


Fine Art Bridal Boudoir in Mint and Peach


What appears to be a few sensual moments of calm and self-love of a bride before her grand appearance at first glance is actually the grandiose result of a stylish fine art bridal boudoir workshop hosted by the successful photographer duo Vivid Symphony.

The story that their wonderful pictures tell is the story of a young beauty celebrating the morning of her long-awaited wedding. Full of confidence and love she looks to her future. And enjoys being a woman to the fullest…

With a smile of anticipation, she lolls in her bed, closes her eyes and dreams of this exciting day. She gently inhales the scent of the floral artworks from Die Blumenbinderei, which flows to her from all sides, and sends her thoughts on journeys to return to her with the right words for her vows.

A delicate wedding dress by Mia Lavi finally transforms her into a desirable bride, an artful headpiece and precious jewelry underline the blissful radiance of her curious eyes. The only thing missing for the perfect look is the right pair of shoes, which she will definitely find among her exquisite selection from Bella Belle Shoes

For the perfect overall picture in their unusual location Zeitraum 10 in Leipzig, however, the experienced workshop hosts lacked one more crucial detail, namely some similarly graceful and appealing stationery from Lettering by GRG, which blended harmoniously into the style and color concept of the two.

Mila and Stephan from Vivid Symphony proudly captured this overall picture and invite us to look for inspiration in their expressive gallery.



Workshop Speaker, Photography, Concept, Organisation: Vivid Symphony
Second Speaker & Styling Goods: Marry and Lilio
Dress: Mia Lavi via Junika Wedding Concept Store 
Body: Anders Sarda via BH glich 
Headpieces & Earrings: La Chia
MUAH: Anna Schnabel
Flower Decoration: Die Blumenbinderei
Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes via Bridal Boutique Baden Baden
Location: Zeitraum 10
Stationery: Lettering by GRG
Videography: Olivia Delgas
Model: Christina


Lightness of Being by Vivid Symphony

Lightness of Being by Vivid Symphony

Lightness Of Being


Do you love it as much as we do when poetry gets a face? Vivid Symphony  did just that and made the lightness of being, between Old World charm and modern flair, visible to us.

“Together with several vendors from Russia, Portugal, Germany, France, Belarus and Spain, we achieved our great dream alongside Magnolias on Silk.” photographer Mila from Vivid Symphony  keeps herself covered at first.

For the location, we chose Schloss Nischwitz , an impressive Rococo-style palace complex in Nischwitz, a small town in Saxony/Germany not far away from Leipzig.“ she reveals and adds: „We don’t know how it felt back then in the 18th century when this castle was built, but with the design concept for this shooting we not only tried to reflect the colors and the architecture of this stunning palace but also capture the mood of the grand balls that ones might took place in the halls of Nischwitz Castle. Classy, playful and elegant were the adjectives to describe overall mood we wanted to create.

With Magnolias on Silk they had one of the best partners at their side, that Mila and her partner Stephan could only wish for.

The idea of a colorful vivid theme and the color concept, that creates a beautiful play of different colors is based on the decoration of the garden room. The walls show that are painted with a limited color palette using mint, blush and grey tones. The ceiling instead hosts a very colorful and expressive fresco. Also the colors of the interior design are mirrored in the color palette of the design concept. We used white for the plasterwork as base color and combined it with blush, coral, dusty pink and golden accents for a luxurious touch.“

Luxury, a catchword that has stretched like a golden thread through both the castle and the concept, as we can see in many other details.

The table decoration is very elegant to fit to the luxurious theme as we combined white tableware with golden accents. The wedding cake by Süße Verzauberung, which means sweet enchantment in German is a 3tier classic design that includes fine details like a painting of one of the wall frescoes of the location and white plasterwork made of sugar. The stationary by Lettering by GRG  from Madrid is made with much love to detail. The letterpress print with it’s golden crest of the couples monogram combined with hand calligraphed details made with golden ink just add that special touch of luxury.“

The fact that you can also attract attention with restraint and naturalness, the event designers finally proved with the styling of the bride: „The styling of the bride is held very subtle and natural. Her make-up enhances her natural beauty and striking features. The wedding dress by Papilio is playful, feminine and classy.

A successful blend of opulence and minimalism, of glamor and elegance, of the Old World and the Modern, if you will. If you want to get a glimpse of this seemingly contradictory world, then take a look at Vivid Symphony’s  fantastic collection and you’ll see how well and harmoniously these contradictions merged…



Photography, Concept & Organisation: Vivid Symphony 
Concept, Styling + Floral Design: Magnolias on Silk
Hair + Make up: Tatiana Pirog
Wedding Dress: Papilio via Bridal Boutique Baden-Baden
Styling Goods: Marry & Lilo
Wedding Cake: Tortendesign Süße Verzauberung 
Stationery: Lettering by GRG 
Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes via Bridal Boutique Baden-Baden
Groom’s Attire: De Scale Maßkonfektion
Tableware: Vista Alegre  
Jewelry + Headpiece: Maison Sabben
Silk Ribbons: Silk & Linen 
Cutlery: EMS Eventmietservice 
Location: Schloss Nischwitz 


Bali Lovers by Vivid Symphony

Bali Lovers by Vivid Symphony


Bali Lovers


The sky is full of clouds, the beach is soaked with warm salt water and in the air hangs this mysterious magic – the perfect mood for a sparkling love shoot on Bali.

Elena and Ilya leave their tracks in the wet sand and enjoy the sea, which gently bathes their feet. They follow their hearts and let themselves drift. In the shelter of the lagoon deep looks and tender kisses are exchanged, physical closeness and sincere affection sought and the hands of time stopped for a moment.

The photographers Mila and Stephan of Vivid Symphony accompanied the young couple and captured how much the fire of passion blazes in them. Hardly a second passes in which no sparks fly, no moment passes in which they do not feel the skin of each other.

At sunset it´s getting sexy when Elena slips out of her figure-hugging black dress by Bamboo Blonde and lures her Ilya into the sea in beguiling lingerie by Incanto. But instead of a cooling down, we experience how the fire of the two rekindles and we withdraw discretely.

What remains are the aesthetic and captivating images of Vivid Symphony , who brought us some fascinating pictures of this memorable journey.



PHOTOGRAPHER: Vivid Symphony
DRESS: Bambood Blonde
COUPLE: Elena and Ilya


Sensual Bridal Inspirations from the rainforest of Bali by Vivid Symphony

Sensual Bridal Inspirations from the rainforest of Bali by Vivid Symphony


Sensual Bridal Inspirations From The Rainforest Of Bali


Are you ready for some sensual bridal inspirations from the rainforest of Bali? The photographers Mila and Stephan of Vivid Symphony have brought us some really nice pictures of their trip to the exotic island.

Lost in thought, the bride is standing by the window, her gaze sweeping far over the palms and trees. The humidity lies like a delicate veil over the treetops and welcomes the young morning with a mysterious magic.

The bride herself begins the day in a white whiff of nothing, a seductive wedding gown by Sylwia Kopczynska that slides down her flawless body. It skillfully emphasizes her feminine charms and plays a composition of seduction, temptation and fascination on her…

It is truly a paradisiac glimpse into the great day of this gorgeous bride, which we can catch here thanks to Vivid Symphony. Images that did not need much more than the dreamy ambience of the Natya Resort, a desirable young woman and a few lush green, huge tropical leaves, behind which the dark-haired beauty could playfully peep out.



DRESS: Sylwia Kopczynska via Jolie Bruchsal
EARRINGS: Brigitte Adolph
MUAH: Lenta Vremeni
LOCATION: Natya Resort
MODEL: Elena


Awaking Beauty by Vivid Symphony Photography

Awaking Beauty by Vivid Symphony Photography


Awaking Beauty


Delicate transparency, sensual seduction and quiet passion, caught in the exciting game of contemporary history – this is Awaking Beauty, fine art bridal inspiration of a special kind.

Her beauty sleep seems to be well-made for the lovely bride. With each eye-blow, her beauty unfolds around another mu. Covered by a flowing negligee, she lolls in bed, squinting eagerly forward to this day.

Then it’s time for her Getting Ready. Rara Avis‘ dazzling bridal gown is eagerly awaiting her to wrap her in a seductive touch of nothingness, with a lavishly embroidered, transparent top and a feather-light skirt with a graceful train.

One last look in the mirror, one last spray of perfume. A last, deep breath in the antique armchair, then the long-awaited first look is imminent.

Oh wow, this is another true styled shoot masterpiece created by the photographers Mila and Stephan of Vivid Symphony. Together with event planner Gabi from Marry in Love, they developed a remarkable fine art concept that is hard to beat in terms of grace and aesthetics.

For a successful implementation, they were looking for a venue at eye level, and found something really special. “The Villa Kontor, a wonderful place with 100 years of architectural history, combines like no other the grace of Awaking Beauty, with Chinese symbols and soft, muted shades of gray and deep blue as well as the luxury interior elements.”they told us.  “For example, in the gently quilted textile wall, we found a uniquely warm backdrop for the bride’s fine art boudoir shoot.”

Floral Designer Die Blumenbinderei created dreamlike arrangements of roses, peonies, ranunculus and other floral beauties to match the pale nude tones of the bridal styling, while The Lisserei reinterpreted the color theme of the extraordinary location in the fantastic stationery.

All in all, a harmonious golden, forgiving, gray-blue thread with a touch of nude and glamorous accents, which was pursued consistently from the bride’s first glance over the lovingly-covered marble table to the redeeming first kiss of the bride and groom – as the impressive images of Vivid Symphony prove here.




FLOWERS & CONCEPT: Die Blumenbinderei
STATIONERY: The Lisserei
DRESS: Rara Avis via La Donna Hochzeitsatelier
MUAH: Annett Anders
LOCATION: Villa Kontor
GROOMS ATTIRE. Anders und Anders Dresden
MODEL: Magdalena von Diotti




Vivid Symphony

Vivid Symphony

VIVID SYMPHONY Photography visit the site ; VIVID SYMPHONY Mila Flad Email: Web: Facebook: Instagram:     „It is not beauty that endears,...
Debonaire Romance by Vivid Symphony

Debonaire Romance by Vivid Symphony


Debonaire Romance


Whenever the unknown feels familiar, one is inexplicably attracted to something by strangers, and neither head nor heart can resist, then true love and great emotions is in the play. In this case artfully staged by the photographers Mila and Stephan of Vivid Symphony.

 “In the beginning, love is often a little wild, romantic and intimate, but at the same time delicate and fragile.” they both dream about how their vision started. “Elena and Bastian are a real couple and our good friends, their love story inspired us for this shoot. It’s elegant, sensitive, high quality and at the same time a little wild and casual.”

We think it is so much more. Sexy and graceful, for example, when we think of kisui’s stunning bridal dress. Or historic and glamorous with regard to the property of the Villa Sorgenfrei.

Together with wedding designer Astrid Flemming from Tischlein schmück dich, they worked on a unique concept for interior of the manor house that has been implemented with much love for meaningful details. “The wedding table and the cake were adorned with diamonds.” the photographers told us. “Diamonds are like love: first the diamond must be discovered and then gradually liberated from the outer layers, until the beautiful interior, the pure love comes to the fore and becomes more beautiful through the “grinding”. A process that lasts until the end of life and is crowned with a wedding.”

Amongst other things, the team crowned the entire setting with a selected color palette of blush, gold, red and greenery, which was particularly evident in the stunning flower arrangements and the filigree hair accessories by Zauberhaft Floristik.

We are deeply moved by the realization that every love is based on something magical. And we admire the expressive images in which Vivid Symphony captured this magic between Elena and Bastian.



GOWN: kisui
JEWELLERY: Dörte Dietrich via Luise Neugebauer Schmuck
HAIRPIECE: Zauberhaft Floristik
FLORALS: Zauberhaft Floristik
CAKE: Mintastique
RINGS AND CHUFF LINKS: Luise Neugebauer Schmuck
LOCATION: Villa Sorgenfrei



Wind of Porto by Vivid Symphony Photography

Wind of Porto by Vivid Symphony Photography

Wind OF Porto


The wind of Porto blows passionately, asking single strands of hair, delicate fabric and fresh foliage for a dance. The waves roar and end foamingly in the wet sand.  

As if they were the silent core, the dormant pole of a world that seems to be wild and untamable, this bridal couple cares about no one else on the beach but each other in the here and now.

With loving gestures, gentle kisses and soulful touches, framed by the dramatic ambience of the Portuguese coast, they make clear that not even the strongest wind can unsettle their love…

Today the photographers Mila and Stephan from Vivid Symphony  share these spectacular shots of their grandiose styled shoot in Porto with us.  

With a touch of history, a great deal of modernity and a lot of Portuguese charm that´s especially reflected in the beautiful stationery, they turned an abandoned piece of beach into their very own elopement paradise.

In addition, the breathtaking wedding dress by Lillian West and the matching hairpiece from Kokoro Berlin gave the shooting a pinch Haute Couture.

With a splendid bridal bouquet made by Aqueduto eventos the overall picture became harmoniously rounded.  

In the end, it was the two artists of Vivid Symphony who immortalized their own lovingly planned inspirations on amazing pictures.  Get ready to be enchanted!

Translation: Marina Jenewein




FLOWERS: Aqueduto eventos
DRESS: Lillian West
HEADPIECES: Kokoro Berlin
MUAH: Jenny Make Up Land
STATIONERY: Annete Bleichert









      Kokoro Berlin

Love and Passion in La Palma by Vivid Symphony

Love and Passion in La Palma by Vivid Symphony

Love And Passion in La Palma


Blustering waves, rugged rocks and black sand seem ungodly, yet in their middle there´s a young love and their great passion seething.

Flaming red, like the last light of the setting sun, a dress slides down a brunette beauty, who, safe in the arms of her lover, forgets the world around her.  

Feeling life barefooted, seeing love in the eyes of each other. Showing and assuring each other’s affection. All that is said with looks, gestures and touches, not a single word needed…

We are overwhelmed and deeply surprised to find out what magical places La Palma has to offer. This abandoned insider tip is presented to us by photographers Mila and Stephan from Vivid Symphony who inspire us here with their breathtaking pictures.  

Both Mila and Stephan were visibly impressed by this beach: “The black lava sand, the rocks and the mighty ocean have conquered our hearts.”

Together with a charismatic couple, the two realized their visions of two hearts on Mallorca skillfully, transforming them into captivating inspirations.  

So sit back and let their great pictures sink in…

Translation: Marina Jenewein











    Vivid Symphony



Mallorca’s Golden Dream by Vivid Symphony Photography

Mallorca’s Golden Dream by Vivid Symphony Photography

Mallorca’s Golden Dream


Are you ready to discover Mallorca´s hidden treasures? Then follow the photographers Mila and Stephan of
Vivid Symphony whose magical pictures take us on a journey to unknown places of this Balearic island…

Slowly the clouds fade away to let Mallorca´s sun shine directly onto a secret valley of fincas. We notice this one out of many, yet it´s the biggest of all. Inside, there´s a bride like many others, yet she´s the most beautiful of all.

Lush palm trees give shade, opulent olive trees spread Mediterranean flair. Embedded in this remarkable fauna lays Belmond La Residencia, a luxurious estate of high class, spacious, exclusive and glamorous. From its terrace one has the best view onto the world as well as far into the distance.

Here, in the mountain area of Mallorca, unnoticed and undisturbed, a bridal couple celebrates their love. A lavishly set table for two is ready for the feast. Stylish stationery reveals we´re waiting for Richard and Elisabeth.

For now, the bride is getting ready in her rooms, wandering in her delicate dress through the spacious house. Also, the groomed garden and surrounding nature get spoiled by her appearance. Finally, she delivers her sweetheart from waiting longingly.

Mila and Stephan of Vivid Symphony show impressively how extravagant and elegant a country wedding with rustic charm can be. Their breathtaking concept showcasing Mallorca´s beauty and its hidden treasures leave us speechless.

In collaboration with wedding planner Natalia Ortiz they turned the already dreamlike Belmond La Residencia into a very special love nest and created one-of-a-kind inspirations.

With loads of love for details, like the artistic stationery from Annette Bleichert, the team united typical Mediterranean elements with the island´s untouched nature and the aesthetics of Fine art to eternalize the result on impressive pictures for us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




WEDDING PLANNER: Natalia Ortiz Events
DRESS: Laure De Lis
MUAH: Vannesa Make Up
STATIONERY: Annette Bleichert
LOCATION: Belmond La Residencia
MODEL: Irene









    Vivid Symphony